Cold in winter and too hot in summer?

Are you the owner of a conservatory and regret not building a sunroom with a fully insulated and tiled roof? Do you find your conservatory is very cold in winter and too warm in summer and therefore get limited use from your room? This is a very common problem due to the low u-value materials used in standard conservatory builds. With fuel prices set to rise and rise in the coming years it becomes even more important to ensure your house is as energy efficient as possible.

We can help you insulate your conservatory roof to a very high standard.

In the past, insulating a conservatory roof by converting it to a sunroom was a major construction job – requiring the removal of the conservatory roof, windows, the installation of steel supports and the addition of a full sunroom tile roof. Not anymore. Conservatory Roof Exchange specialise in conservatory roof conversions using our Fusion lightweight roof system – a revolutionary and unique new system for simple and cost effective roof exchanges.

We can simply and affordably insulate and tile an existing conservatory, adding roof windows for increased light, and all without removing the roof, windows, or any other part of your existing conservatory. You can see an example of a conservatory roof conversion “before and after” below. There are more pictures of sunrooms after the roof conversion has been completed on our conservatory conversion photos page. What’s more, we’ve completed many of these projects all over the UK and we’ve delighted our customers at every stage. You can read their comments on the process and hear about their satisfaction with the outcomes on our client stories page.

Want to know more, and find out how affordable and easy this process can be?

Simply contact us today and we’ll arrange for one of our qualified and experienced designers to call to your home to explain how we can extend the life and usefulness of your conservatory. Remember, we offer a completely free and no obligation quotation to everyone who calls.

Conservatory Roof Conversion Hampshire

Conservatory Conversion Process

  • Take out existing high u-value glazing. Disposal of all waste in an environmentally-friendly way
  • Replace roof glazing with high performance foil insulation with an option of polyurethane rigid insulation
  • Existing windows and doors can be used minimizing cost and inconvenience
  • All new gutters and downpipes
  • Option of plastered or timber ceilings
  • Option of internal recessed lights
  • Option of roof windows for added light and ventilation
  • Option of a slate or tile effect external roof to match existing house
  • Roof tile sections come in two colours: terracotta or slate grey – to blend in with the roof tile colour of the property
  • One week turnaround